The Story of OWL

We want to share with you the story of OWL; the story of how a group of Architects came together to create and develop a complete, cloud-based system to better run their practice – and how it grew into something they loved so much that they wanted to share it with the world (well, mainly with other Architects!)

In the beginning we simply needed to build a great system for storing and organising our contacts. Of course, working with a huge variety of different people, it was important we could distinguish easily between, for example, clients and contractors, or engineers and planners. So, we started by building OWL to do just that, to be a centralised and organised store of contacts for our team of Architects.

It soon became apparent that it would be useful to have Project pages that linked contacts together. For example, this client, engineer and planner could all be linked by the project with which they were associated. We added all of our staff members so they could also be added to projects and quickly added the Time-Tracking feature so the team could track their time against certain projects.

At this point OWL was central to our team’s workflow and communication. Call logs were added so that no one missed an important message and Resource Manager was created so that we could begin to plan out the week’s workload and distribute it between team members. We added pages to track time-off, holidays and sick-pay, and even a Help Guide to enable new employees to quickly get to grips with OWL.

Finally, we added invoicing, which drew information from Time-Sheets, Contacts and Project information to form a user-friendly, time-efficient and accurate way to invoice our clients. All of our invoices were safe and secure, easy to create, edit, search through and export, reducing the need for a ton of different spreadsheets and documents, and of course, making our accounts team very happy in the process!

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