Create call records so nothing is missed and response times are reduced

  • Never miss an important message
  • Reduce response times
  • Store important information securely
  • Find a contact quickly and easily
  • Stay up to date with project progress
  • Keep on top of communication with prospective clients
  1. Search for caller in database, or add new caller to records
  2. Notification is sent to relevant team member/s
  3. Mark as ‘done’ once call has been actioned

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Keep an accurate record of calls to keep communications easily accessible and up to date. OWL’s email ‘call reminders’ alerts you if you have missed a call so you never miss a thing. The nature of the OWL database allows you to quickly search through whilst on a call so that the information of the relevant caller can be found and accessed quickly. This brings you up to date in a moment, supplying you will all the vital project information needed to answer questions or connect calls.