All your company contacts in one place

  • Easy to use ‘Quick Search’ system
  • Tag contacts by role
  • Link contacts to projects
  • Easy to export and import contact details
  • Secure and detailed records
  • Keep track of your Christmas list!
  1. Handy ‘Quick Find’ tool allows you to search through different categories
  2. Easily export your contacts in different formats
  3. Tagging system groups a wide variety of different contacts

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The contact pages of OWL allow you to keep a secure record of all contacts you need in one place. Tag contacts by role in order to be able to use the ‘Quick Find’ tool to get quickly and easily to the information associated with the people you need. Each detailed contact page shows you how any one person or company might relate to current or past projects and what role they have. Any amount of information can be added to each individual ‘profile’ so that you can build a substantial network of contacts, their correspondence details, how they were referred – even if they are on your Christmas list!