Better cashflow for your business with regular, detailed invoicing

  • Easy to use invoicing system
  • A quick picture of outstanding payments
  • Take the sting out of tax calculations
  • Easy expense reimbursements
  • Helps improve cashflow
  • Fully integrated with your team’s timesheets
  1. Quickly see what invoices are outstanding
  2. Get straight to the invoice you need
  3. An overview of what is included on any invoice
  4. Jump straight to a client’s contact details
  5. Create an action that will be added to the project timeline

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Regular invoicing is vital to your company’s cashflow, but pulling together time-sheets, expenses and recharges for numerous projects can be a time-consuming and fiddly job.

OWL invoicing platform shows you what is ready to be invoiced on each project, automatically pulling together everything you need into an editable invoice. Employee timesheets feed straight into OWL invoicing and take into account different hourly rates. Any amendments can be made and a draft can be saved or sent to the relevant Project Architect to confirmation.

Once an invoice has been sent it is saved onto a secure record ready to be marked as paid. The Invoicing landing page gives you a quick picture of outstanding invoices as well as drafts that need to be checked and sent out. You can search through by date, status, invoice number or project stage in order to be able to quickly find the information you need.