Complete control over costs and availability

  • Complete control over project costs
  • A clear picture of your team’s workload
  • An easy centralised system
  • Seamless internal & external communications
  • Streamline the process of running projects
  • Keep your clients and team happy!
  1. Quick overview of who is following up prospective clients
  2. Handy way of accessing multiple pages at once
  3. Your team’s workload in a glance

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As a manager OWL offers you clear picture of your team’s workload, allowing for adjustments to be made to each individual’s programme of work so that time is used efficiently and recorded accurately. You can quickly and easily see where budgets might begin to run over, giving you opportunity to adjust accordingly, keeping your clients and employees happy.

OWL offers a centralised system, reducing chances of miscommunication between departments: Accounts can easily find project budgets and resources spent; Administrators can quickly find the relevant Architect for any particular job; an in-house Interior Designer can view a project’s progress and adjust their time-lines accordingly. This seamless network of communication all runs through OWL, allowing managers to use their time efficiently and check-in on projects and architects when needed, streamlining the complex process of managing different departments and projects.