Manage projects efficiently
Run successful projects using OWL’s built in structure of teams, stages, tasks, resources and allocations.

  • Run successful projects
  • Keep a secure history of your work to date
  • All contact details in one place
  • Keep track of prospective projects
  • Manage your team’s time efficiently
  • Never miss an important call or memo
  1. Keep track of the status your project
  2. Quick link to all client details
  3. View all time sheets against the project
  4. Find out who is involved in each aspect
  5. Create tailored time-lines for your projects

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OWL’s project framework allows you and your team to keep track of current projects and enquiries, as well as keeping a secure record of completed projects. From the project homepage any team member can quickly and easily view who is working on a project at any time and how many projects they are balancing.

A more detailed journey into the page of any particular project, brings a much more detailed insight into the stage of the project, all relevant contacts, time sheets, calls and invoices. From here you will be able to pull any information you could need with regard to the project, including the role and contact details of contractors, engineers or interior designers. You are able to track planning progress, view the project’s timeline or resources even and track what has been invoiced and paid – all from one central ‘project’ page.