Time Sheets
An easy system for employees to track their time

  • An easy way to track time
  • Helps improve efficiency and time-keeping
  • Track time against different project stages
  • Easy integration with OWL invoicing
  • Keep track of expenses & recharges
  • Straight-forward project accounting
  1. Easy to track time against any project
  2. All available stages for relevant projects are found here
  3. Quick for staff to add their expenses

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OWL timesheets allow all employees to record the time they spend on tasks. Time can be allocated to individual stages of projects, and expenses or recharges can be added with ease. Time spent on project stages feeds into the project resources, so managers can keep track of employees’ time and crucially of budget spent.

All time recorded against stages feeds through to the OWL invoicing, allowing for easy, regular and accurate invoice creation – in turn leading to steady and reliable cashflow for your business.