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who got fed up off wasting time in Excel and Mail, and made a system that actually works

Your practice

  • Give colleagues access to the system
  • Make them owners or team members of projects
  • Allocate, review and manage time
  • Do time sheets
  • Record calls
  • Manage holidays




















Clients, Contractors, Managers, Builders, Suppliers, Councils, Planning Departments, everybody.


Assign contacts to projects, and decide their roles and relationships.


Share contacts using vCards
Industry standard that works on any device that has contacts on it 🙂


  • Focus – All project information in one place:
    Client, Council, Team leaders, Team members, Planning applications, Building control, Milestones, Deadlines
  • Resource manager – Forecast, Allocate and manage project
  • Use standard or customised RIBA stages
  • Share project time line with your clients and suppliers

And there are no restrictions on number of projects you can have.




















Latest RIBA stages, that you can customise to your own practice needs.

Stages are crucial for accurate time sheets, breakdown of project costs and estimates.

Create custom sets of stages for your own internal projects like: CPD, Admin, Health and Safety, etc.

Time Sheets

Record your time (overtime, expenses, mileage, etc.) against project and stage.

Get summary reports using Visual Filters.

How many hours has your practice done?

  • Yesterday?
  • Last week?
  • On a specific project?
  • On a particular stage?
  • By whom?
  • Is it invoiced?

Get answers as quickly as you can think up a question.

Export or integrate results with any accounts package.






















Banish sticky notes from your office, and start keeping digital record of everything that was passed on to you regarding a project (a contact, or invoice, or anything else related to your practice).

Link in all contact or project details.

Forward information instantly as an email to all your office colleagues that you think should know about it.


OWL should work for any architectural practice, and we are looking for varied examples of business practices to fine tune features and functionality.

Apply for BETA account to get:

  • Unlimited users
  • All modules as they get published and available
  • Support and Training
  • Nominal annual fee, valid in perpetuity


Get a 14 day FREE trial of OWL and just kick it around with your toughest project or process in your practice.

If you like it, sign up and keep it.

If you hate it, let us know why.


We offer 3 options for running OWL systems, which should cover all needs and all budgets.


For sole traders or small teams
  • Or £300 per 3 months
  • Up to 3 users
  • No backups
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On site

Housed at your practice
  • Or £2000 per 3 months
  • Up to 50 users
  • Daily backups
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