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Manage projects efficiently

Run successful projects using OWL’s built in structure of teams, stages, tasks, resources and allocations.


Complete control over costs and availability

Use OWL to set standard rates or adjust according to project stage level. Manage your employees available time including days-off, sick days and holiday allowances.


All your company contacts in one place

Assign contacts to projects and decide their roles and relationships. Clients, Contractors, Project Managers. Builders, Suppliers, Councils, Planning Departments, all can be easily tagged and then searched through by role or project.

Time Sheets

An easy system for employees to track their time

Create and keep an accurate record of all time spent on projects, including overtime expenses and mileage, allowing for straight-forward project accounting.


Create call records so nothing is missed and response times are reduced

Individuals and teams can be alerted to relevant queries and information can be stored and shared between the team securely on OWL’s secure digital record.


Better cashflow for your business with regular, detailed invoicing

Take the sting out of tax calculations, expenses reimbursements, credit notes and payment tracking with OWLs user-friendly and accurate project invoicing system.


For sole traders or small teams
  • Or £300 per 3 months
  • Up to 3 users
  • No backups
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On site

Housed at your practice
  • Or £2000 per 3 months
  • Up to 50 users
  • Daily backups
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